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Announce to journalists and public relations people in your industry using news release services. You may wonder how or why any editor would search through thousands of news releases for news. Search engines spider the text pages of the news releases. Keywords you use in your press release are important to search engines and if you use keywords in text links (like "Many customers have benefited from our asset management service"), providing link to the page that describes that service (See How to), you help your search engine positioning for that page. Also, many press releases remain active on these websites for 30 days or longer, continuing to aid your promotions.

NEWS RELEASE DISTRIBUTION SERVICES (Some services are free, some allow logos and pictures, some connect with social media accounts, etc.): - Easy-to-use, free version; or opt for more features and coverage for a fee. - Free press release news wire - Send your news at no cost! - $49 to $149 plans - Starts at $99. Pick from an extensive list of industries and groups, as well as a host of promotion services. A service of, a full service news wire service. Free services for members. - Pick from a list of industries to broadcast your announcement to. - They'll write your press release from your notes, concepts and ideas and distribute it. Pricing schedule available.

Find out HOW to write a press release  for electronic (Internet) distribution. International news distribution. $100 annual membership, plus $100 up for individual news releases in target markets. Distributes through email to 2000+ journalists. Video webcasts, radio and television. Fax distribution starting at $350. Distribution service sends your press release once to more than 85,000 journalists, editors and news-wire services, including CBS, Lycos, Reuters, Bloomberg and others, for $349. Also monitors your release for two months, so you know which outlet has used it. Other services (how to write a press release, occasions warranting the sending of a press release, copywriting and translation, etc.) are also available. Clearing house for press releases in Australia. (TechMedia Int'l). Online directory of European computing and communications publications. Distributes to more than 500 European industry editors in their own languages. (Eric Ward). Expensive but highly targeted to your specific market. Mr. Ward only accepts about five percent of clients who seek his services. Designed to get the best websites to the attention of "website reviewers, topical link guide editors, site of the week editors, e-newsletter publishers and other online venues who write about great web content." Distributes news of public policy. Deals with the White House, congressional offices, cabinet departments, government agencies and special interest groups. Email distribution that's fast and filtered, to 36 countries. $99 up.

Find out HOW to write a press release 
for electronic (Internet) distribution.

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Get Great Photos for Your Website or Brochure. Stock Graphics Search Engine at Foto Search allows users to search from over 90 top stock photography and image sources all at one site. They can find royalty-free photography, clipart pictures, illustrations, video clips, vector maps, and background clip art imagery. There are more than one million images available as well as an "Advanced Search" function. Visit Foto Search:

Registered Your Site With Search Engines Yet? Although the process can be tedious at times, requiring dedication and focus, it's really quite simple. Just try registering your site at one or two search engines. You'll get the hang of it shortly. As you become acquainted with the "how to", squeeze in five or ten minutes of search engine registrations as you have the time, and keep the process manageable. Or contact Wordpix about our manual search engine registration services.

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