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FREE (or with Minimal Fee) Search Engines and Directories
The Open Directory - An absolute MUST, the Open Directory supplies results for numerous major search engines and is the largest human-edited search engine in the world. It can take weeks or months for your submission to be reviewed and appear in the directory, so the sooner you submit, the better. To find the "Suggest a Site" link, simply start at the home page and click on categories until you arrive at the one where you feel your site would best be located. The "Suggest" link will be in the top right navigation area. The Open Directory listings are also available to AOL Search, Netscape Search, Hotbot, AltaVista, and other search engines.
Bing - A top search engine by Microsoft. Bing's spiders will find most sites, but you can manually submit as well. Bing is now associated with Yahoo, so submit to Bing for inclusion in Yahoo.
Google - Use your Google login (free) to submit your site to Google here: . (PS - If you're interested in buying Google Adwords pay - per - click program, let us know; we can help.)
AOL Note - AOL's listings are supplied by The Open Directory (at the top of this list)
Have you set up your Google Alert yet?
It's free and it's a great way to be notified (by email) when your product or a
special phrase you want to track shows up in an article, blog or on the Web.
Yelp -
YellowPages -

CitySearch - - Find your category first (by doing a search), then look for the "Add URL" link at page bottom. - Listed membership one-time fee is $49 gets you into the database; Premium position is $149/year. (formerly AskJeeves) (partners with Teoma) - gets your listing into several other search engines. Plan on a hefty monthly budget for Ask's advertising programs. - Uses the Terra Lycos network's "In Site" program. The Search Engine Submission plan, for inclusion in some 16 major search engines supported by FAST and Inktomi, costs $33 per URL setup and $34 annual fee. A great way to go. Lycos also offers an "AdBuyer" paid placement program for ongoing promotion programs. From the home page at, click on Submit a Site on the bottom menu.

Note: Many search engines and directories offer both free as well
as paid advertising and premium plans and other services.

Regional Directories / LOCAL Listings
Google - Local: Visit Click Add new business, then "claim" or "add" your listing. complete the business information questions. Finally, Good will confirm by telephone with the number you provide, sending you a PIN to the address you submitted.
Yahoo - Local: Visit  Click "Sign up." You'll need a Yahoo account (free) to create your directory listing. Complete the details, and select the appropriate categories and sub-categories. Yahoo takes about a week to review and confirm your listing.
Bing - Local: Visit   Click "Add new listing" and, at the prompt, enter or create your Windows ID. Complete the business information screens. Bing will verify your information and you'll get a Bing call with a PIN number on the spot.  - Localized by business and industry  - Localized by business and industry  - Localized by business and industry  - worldwide business directory - automatically detects your city

Check your listing as soon as possible. If another party absconds with your listing, get tips on how best to reclaim your listing at this blog created by Anaheim florist Avante Gardens (the information is good for all):

AOL Local Search: - 20 million visitors monthly
Los Angeles Area Only - AtLA: - for Los Angeles metropolitan area sitesa Websites Only:
Los Angeles Area Only - La Mirada Area: - For businesses in La Mirada and neighboring towns. If you simply want to register a web site, use the Request a Free Web Page form to request a link.
Special Interest and BUSINESS Search Engines: - It's free to list your business website here; be cautious about signing up for the next level (fee-based submission to 350+ search engines, many of which are in foreign countries, will quickly fill your email box with spam.) - Free online network for small businesses - connects a company's listings on multiple websites - subscription based search engine  - offers ability to filter search results by state  - $299/year fee. - much respected long-time publisher of directories of businesses; site is used extensively by Purchasing Agents. Submit your company information at: or purchase a variety of other services. - engineering related search engine - industrial and product directory - offers both free and paid listings at several levels - list your insurance website here at no cost. - Managed by, lists business sites in exchange for a one-time $25 fee or a reciprocal link. - HeySmarty is for high school students and others conducting research on the Web; answers to academic questions; research/web links. A valuable resource. - the Librarian's Index to the Internet (categorizes food, sports, travel, etc.) - Infomine - Resource Discovery Network - links to online books, military information, government sites - more than 300 journals and magazines' stories by topic - offers a number of law-related online directories - a novel approach to search results - magazine articles - search encyclopedias, newspapers, search engines and more. (E-Library.) (Articles, books) - for breeders/sellers/buyers of cattle.
Electrical, Distribution & Industrial Product Directories To get listed, click on Add a Site; you will be asked to send an email message to the Webmaster, who will then email you a signup form. $50 setup fee, but probably worth it, as this appears to be an excellent resource for electrical parts/supplies. - Electrical/voice/data, plumbing, pipes/valves/fittings, HVAC/R -- very comprehensive directory of distributors, manufacturers, hard to find parts and supplies for the trades. Free listings. Online shopping. - and - Both are part of Vertical Net and in partnership with Microsoft. Get listed for free  now. They'll offer you a free "storefront" for an intro period, followed by a fee-based program. - (Electronic Industry Telephone Directory - EITD) - Power Sourcing is the most accurate and comprehensive tool available for finding and contacting suppliers. (or - electronics and electrical related products and companies - sources for industrial products, CAD drawings and more, powered by Thomas Register. Enhanced listing $475/year. For a free listing visit:
Writing, Publishing & Literature Sites Offering Links
Many of these sites offer
reciprocal links to help build traffic for both partners - Reviews worthy literature sites. Updated monthly. Suggest your site - and include a reciprocal link on your home page for one month. - very professional author site; free web pages for authors - $10 one-time fee. Submit your writer's profile to this popular writer's resource site. - Set up a writer's profile page and get a link to your site. $5/quarter.



More Search Engines!

You can find hundreds of search engine directories, including search engines designed for specific interests, professions and industries,
as well as a lot of good advice and guidance, at: and

Is Your WEBSITE Ready?
How likely is it that Google or another search engine crawler will come across your site? Have you set your keywords up properly (frequency, proximity, position, placement, etc.)? Have you narrowly focused your landing pages (pages highly focused on one keyword or phrase that people would be likely to use in a search)? Check out your website's search engine friendliness!

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