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Higher Screen Resolutions Adopted

Nearly one-third of people browsing web sites have their computer monitors set at 1024 x 768 pixels, up from 20.48 percent two years before. Web surfers with screen resolutions of 640 x 480, however, represent 5.71 percent. (The larger resolution represents a monitor of 17 inches or larger.)

Users with even greater screen resolutions (1152 x 864 and those with 1280 x 1024), representing a monitor larger than 17 inches, comprise an additional five percent.

In plain English, this means web professionals, who design according to the common denominator of most popular screen viewing area, have more flexibility now. They can confidently design sites with additional content and graphics per page, knowing that a solid 33 percent of viewers will be able to see the entire larger viewing area. 

Global Variances
Screen resolution, according to Geoff Johnston, StatMarket vice president or product marketing, varies from country to country. In China, those with a 1024 x 768 resolution accounted for just over 18 percent; in Germany, more than 50 percent. Globally, these statistics may interest you:

1152 x 864 2.32
1280 x 1024 2.88
1024 x 768 32.72
800 x 600 52.47
640 x 480  5.71

About StatMarket
StatMarket is a web design and software optimization service providing marketing share data on browsers, operating systems, screen resolutions and more. StatMarket publishes information gathered from more than 50 million Internet users a day to more than 150,000 sites worldwide actively using WebSideStory's HitBox, Enterprise and other HitBox real-time, e-business intelligence services. For more information, visit


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