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"Web marketing" requires the use of multiple tools and techniques, both on and off the Web, simultaneously. Consider:

On the Web Off the Web
A website using keyword phrases in several highly-focused, text-dominant pages; a complete navigation menu on the first page and every page, so search engines can "crawl" through the entire site by following your site's links. Your web address on all your company collaterals, including business cards, stationery, flyers, advertisements, listings in your chamber of commerce and other directories, and perhaps even on your building and your company vehicles.
Inbound links to your site from many other sites that offer content (describing their services or products) related to (but not competing with) yours. Get a link from a high-volume site! Incentives that send people to your website for more information, discount coupons, special benefits they can only obtain at your website, including web 'specials'.
Registration of your site in the Open Directory, which supplies listings for a variety of important search engines. (See our Search Engine links page for details.) Registration is free and easy. Traditional marketing - Direct mail promotions, sponsoring events, speaking, networking and generally maximizing your visibility throughout your target market, using your web address as a companion in every business effort.

Promoting a website requires building online visibility and driving people to your website using a variety of approaches:

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"Does Anybody Know About Your Web Site?" by P. Ridgway. Be sure to read this article for tips. Originally published in a floral industry magazine, it offers important step-by-step advice for promoting a small business website.

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